“Scifi & Fantasy Week” on Goodreads! (for what it’s worth)

Turns out BLEACH has made its way to Science Fiction canon

As much as I hate Goodreads, I enjoy that they went through the trouble of ordering their top rated Scifi books and named it “Scifi & Fantasy Week“. The week just ended.

Considering how annoying it is to run those filters right now (X+ rating, Y+ review count, deduplicating series) on the website, this is actually pretty useful!


What I thought was cool was they hosted an Interview with N.K. Jemisin, author of “The Fifth Season”. Some good quotes:

(On art education)

“Probably my least-favorite interview question is the one I get most often: “Where do you get your ideas?” I’ve tried repeatedly to figure out if there’s an easy way to answer this question that doesn’t come off as patronizing or glib, and there just isn’t.”

“Here’s the thing: When people ask this question, I think they’re actually asking something else. See (gets out soapbox), there’s a fundamental failure to understand art in American society. This is partly because we’ve basically eliminated art education for all but our wealthiest class, but some of it is just endemic to a capitalist society that views everything in terms of commodities. “

(On how ideas are a dime a dozen. Sound familiar in SV?)

“News flash: Artists don’t need other people’s ideas. Why? Because ideas are everywhere. At any given time, all of us are drowning in them. The measure of an artist lies in the ability to encapsulate these ideas and give them form in a way that others can share. “

These are all very timely, since I picked up Fifth Season on sale last week. I also picked up Red Mars, which is happily on Andy Wier’s list of top space colonization books. Looking forward to both of them!