Brilliant (and useful) “What should I read” infograph

“What should I read”?

Giving recommendations, or figuring out the next book to read, is pretty tough.
  • As usual, it’s hard to give one without spoiling too much.
  • We read so few books that iteration becomes slow. Out of tens of thousands of books out there, we are lucky to get 20 or 30 in a year.
  • Because of this sparsity, we often recommend the most recent, reasonable book we’ve read.
  • Top book lists are great but often summaries are all over the place.
That’s why I love this what should i read” infograph, because it is witty and hilariously accurate. Note that these are science fiction/fantasy books on NPR’s top 100 list from 2011. Even though it’s 5 years old, most of the books are clearly popular and relevant! Especially science fiction & fantasy, where the current time has arguably little impact on the story settings.

Classic dystopias classified as religious totalitarians vs. warlords

What if I want “man vs. man?”. Nevermind, WWII books it is…

The full image in all its glory. Link below!

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